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Maybe you’ve tried the egg and olive oil recipe…or the apple cider vinegar and water recipe…If you’re saying, “You name it, I’ve tried it and it STILL did not help my hair!” Then imagine never having to put up with temporary remedies that give you a day or two of relief.

Impossible, you say? It’s way more than possible. Everyday, we give women just like you up to 6 months and more of relief from unruly locks. Using the world’s most innovative and effective hair straightening system, we not only give your hair that you adore, we give you endless possibilities for styling and manageability.

Primarily started in Japan as a smoothing plus conditioning treatment, the Japanese Hair Straightening procedure promotes permanent alteration in the structure of the hair. In this procedure, the cysteine protein bond of hair gets loosened and is reshaped by the straightening of hair cells.

The entire procedure of Japanese Hair Straightening involves numerous steps that vary as per the length and texture of your hair.

With our permanent hair straightening system, you can expect your hair to remain straight for up to 6 months! So what are you waiting for?

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